SIGNL Charlotte Day Wilson uai

Roots to Grooves – Charlotte Day Wilson

We explore the chill Neo Soul of Toronto's Charlotte Day Wilson.

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SIGNL fun uai

Roots to Grooves – fun.

In the early 2010's there was no escaping the massively big pop anthems of "fun." But why did they disappear?

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SIGNL Miink uai

Roots to Grooves – Miink

"Miink" doesn't want his music to be intellectualized. He thinks people will mostly likely enjoy his sounds in a solitary environment.

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SIGNL Arc De Soleil uai

Roots to Grooves – Arc De Soleil

"Arc De Soleil" has been described as sounding maybe a little too similar to Khruangbin. We explore the truth and dive deeper into the genre hopping sounds of producer Daniel Kadawatha.

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SIGNL Nanna B uai

Roots to Grooves – Nanna.B

The experimental Neo Soul sounds of Danish artist "Nanna.B" is explored on the latest episode of the Roots to Grooves podcast.

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Roots to Grooves – ELIZA

We find out why this English R&B artist ditched her major label record deal and pop star status, to create a more authentic sound.

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SIGNL Tennis scaled uai

Roots to Grooves – Tennis

The story of how a failed sports career and a round the world sailing trip culminated into a dream pop duo with multiple albums.

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SIGNL Yaeji uai

Roots to Grooves – Yaeji

From a stint at a college radio station to her own DJ gigs and eventually to producing a unique flavor of electronic music. This is Yaeji.

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SIGNL Muzi uai

An Interview with Muzi

South African artist "Muzi" joins us live from Johannesburg to discuss his music.

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SIGNL Mo uai

Roots to Grooves – MØ

From cutting her teeth in the mid-2000's Punk scene of Copenhagen, to being the artist with the most streamed song of all time on Spotify.

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SIGNL MisterWives uai

Roots to Grooves – MisterWives

MisterWives explore their own brand of indie pop, and survive a romantic breakup

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SIGNL Wu Lu uai

Roots to Grooves – Wu-Lu

South London's Wu-Lu defies genre categorization with his multi-instrumental approach.

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SIGNL Masego uai

Roots to Grooves – Masego

Originally born in Jamaica, this rising R&B solo artist grew up in Virginia, USA, surrounded by gospel music and old soul records.

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SIGNL Cleo Sol uai

Roots to Grooves – Cleo Sol

After dropping a major label deal and an entire album, Cleo Sol took a 5+ year hiatus from the music industry. When she came back, it was authentic and on her own terms.

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SIGNL Steve Lacy By Julian Klincewicz uai

Roots to Grooves – Steve Lacy

With limited means as a teenager growing up in Compton, Steve Lacy took to using his iPhone to write, record and release his solo material as well as productions for other Grammy winning artists.

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SIGNL Joy Crookes uai

Roots to Grooves – Joy Crookes

At only 24 years old, this British alternative R&B artist has already achieved what many dream of.

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SIGNL Post Animal uai

Roots to Grooves – Post Animal

We dive into the sounds of this Australian electronic duo and find out why one of their catchiest tracks became a huge meme.

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SIGNL Bag Raiders uai

Roots to Grooves – Bag Raiders

We dive into the sounds of this Australian electronic duo and find out why one of their catchiest tracks became a huge meme.

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SIGNL Sticky Fingers uai

Roots to Grooves – Sticky Fingers

At one time this group described themselves as the "guinea pig for cancel culture". But was their cancellation justified and their own fault? Join us as we dive deeper into the controversy.

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SIGNL Moonchild uai

Roots to Grooves – Moonchild

After initially meeting while studying jazz at USC, this trio discovered a shared love of Neo Soul, which led them to crafting some of the best future forward thinking sounds you'll ever come across.

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SIGNL Bloc Party uai

Roots to Grooves – Bloc Party

From grinding it out in the early 2000's pub & club circuit of London, to international touring and 5 studio albums. This is the story of "Bloc Party".

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SIGNL Biig Piig uai

Roots to Grooves – Biig Piig

One reviewer has described her as "candlelight hip hop" but this Irish singer and rapper is hesitant to label her sound just yet, instead preferring experimentation and spontaneous creativity. Join us for a discussion about the music and career of "Biig Piig".

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SIGNL Local Natives uai

Roots to Grooves – Local Natives

Remember when bands would get together in high school and rehearse in their parents garage? Well that's the conventional origins of this indie rock band out of Orange County. Join us for a discussion about "Local Natives".

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SIGNL Franc Moody uai

Roots to Grooves – Franc Moody

From late-night inner city warehouse raves, to producing some of the smoothest and finest disco/funk/pop sounds you've ever heard. Join us for a discussion about London duo "Franc Moody".

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SIGNL Fitz and The Tantrums uai

Roots to Grooves – Fitz and The Tantrums

From purchasing an old church organ for fifty bucks to appearing on some of America's most mainstream TV shows. This is the story of LA's "Fitz and The Tantrums".

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SIGNL Wombo uai

Roots to Grooves – Wombo

Exploring the music and career of this three piece Alternative band out of Louisville, Kentucky.

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SIGNL Slow Pulp Band uai

Roots to Grooves – Slow Pulp

This rising quartet out of Chicago has graced us with a slew of increasingly good EP's since 2017. But their pivotal moment was the release of their debut LP "Moveys".

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SIGNL The xx uai

Roots to Grooves – The xx

The story of how these teenagers managed to stay level headed and humble in the face of major awards, critical acclaim and a headlining world tour.

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SIGNL Mark Guliana uai

Roots to Grooves – Mark Guliana

We explore the creative approaches of this prolific session drummer, perhaps most famously known for his contributions to David Bowie's last ever album, "Blackstar".

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SIGNL Young The Giant uai

Roots to Grooves – Young The Giant

Starting out straight out of high school, it was a chance meeting at a Viper Room performance that took this five-piece band from Irvine in a new direction.

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SIGNL Little Dragon uai

Roots to Grooves – Little Dragon

A Swedish quartet tantalizing a vast audience with downtempo electronic pop.

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SIGNL Car Seat Headrest uai

Roots to Grooves – Car Seat Headrest

From a prolific back-catalogue of rough around the edges Band Camp releases, to polished new albums with "structurally ambitious" song arrangements.

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SIGNL Saba uai

Roots to Grooves – Saba

Emotion, vibe and authenticity is at the heart of everything this Chicago born rapper and record producer is all about.

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SIGNL Amon Tobin scaled uai

Roots to Grooves – Amon Tobin

More than just an electronic music producer, Amon Tobin sees himself as someone who is obsessed with exploring sound. Wherever that takes him.

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SIGNL Mini Mansions uai

Roots to Grooves – Mini Mansions

A mini supergroup, featuring members of Queens of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys.

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SIGNL Sampha uai

Roots to Grooves – Sampha

Sampha is a singer-songwriter, producer, and musician from Morden, South London, and is one of the UK’s most enigmatic young artists in 2022.

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SIGNL Polo and Pan uai

Roots to Grooves – Polo & Pan

This French electronic duo are focused on upbeat, immersive and engaging electronica. Often playful, inspiring, and positive, Polo & Pan are influenced by sounds and tradition from around the world.

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SIGNL Viagra Boys uai

Roots to Grooves – Viagra Boys

Intrigued by drugs, emotions, and male-privilege, Viagra Boys articulate their attitude in a punishing approach to music.

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SIGNL Moses Gunn Collective uai

Roots to Grooves – Moses Gunn Collective

An eclectic mix of musicians, MGC mix up dreamy pop flavors with soulful crooning and howling riffs, creating music that feels simultaneously classic and fresh.

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SIGNL The Holydrug Couple scaled uai

Roots to Grooves – The Holydrug Couple

The Holydrug Couple are a psychedelic rock duo from Santiago, Chile, comprised of friends Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra. Join us as we explore the sounds from this underground, experimental outfit.

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SIGNL Danger Mouse uai

Roots to Grooves – Danger Mouse

From Gorillaz and Gnarles Barkley to Beck and Adelle. Danger Mouse has worked with an incredible array of disparate artists throughout his career, but his own distinct style still shines through. Join us as we explore his career so far.

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SIGNL Japanese Breakfast uai

Roots to Grooves – Japanese Breakfast

This project led by Michelle Zauner combines her indie rock origins with highly personal lyrics and an ever evolving palette of musical influences.

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SIGNL Little Simz uai

Roots to Grooves – Little Simz

This British singer, rapper and actress of Nigerian roots grew up in a busy London household full of siblings, foster children from different backgrounds and along with it, a whole host of different musical influences.

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SIGNL Electric Guest uai

Roots to Grooves – Electric Guest

With only 3 albums under their belt, this indie pop duo have also worked on some unusual songs in their past. We dive into their history.

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SIGNL Jessie Ware uai

Roots to Grooves – Jessie Ware

Garnering acclaim in 2012 with her debut album, Devotion, this singer/songwriter has built a successful solo career as well as writing for the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran.

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SIGNL Foxygen uai

Roots to Grooves – Foxygen

"Foxygen" is what you get if you take David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, 1970's era Elton John, The Doors and mix them all up in a blender.

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SIGNL Tank and the Bangas uai

Roots to Grooves – Tank and the Bangas

Fresh from his month long trip to New Orleans, Jay's pick for this week's podcast episode is the joyful force of nature that is "Tank and the Bangas".

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SIGNL Magdalena Bay Home Studio uai

Roots to Grooves – Magdalena Bay

Prog rock and mainstream pop. Two genres you wouldn't ordinarily put together, let alone be the basis of a new sound from an electronic duo. But that is just what Miami born, Los Angeles based outfit "Magdalena Bay" is all about.

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SIGNL Tom Misch In Studio uai

Roots to Grooves – Tom Misch

We explore the journey from bedroom producer making waves on SoundCloud, to critical acclaim. London's Tom Misch is our focus on this week's episode of the Roots to Grooves podcast.

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SIGNL Flying Lotus uai

Roots to Grooves – Flying Lotus

Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus) has a rich family heritage when it comes to music, but it took mixtapes, samplers and heavy experimentation to get him into producing his own original work.

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SIGNL Eli Keszler uai

Roots to Grooves – Eli Keszler

An exploration into this drummer's world of experimental composing and interactive sound/art installations.

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SIGNL Mount Kimbie uai

Roots to Grooves – Mount Kimbie

From found field recordings to post dubstep masterpieces.

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SIGNL Joywave uai

Roots to Grooves – Joywave

Indietronica is the mood of the week with this indie outfit out of Rochester, New York.

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SIGNL Richard Ashcroft uai

Roots to Grooves – Richard Ashcroft

We explore the career and creative mindset of the former "The Verve" frontman.

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SIGNL Kaytranada uai

Roots to Grooves – Kaytranada

We explore the career and creative mindset of this world-renowned experimental beatmaker.

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SIGNL Zero 7 uai

Roots to Grooves – Zero 7

The story of how two London studio engineers came from obscurity to mainstream success.

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SIGNL Hauschka uai

Roots to Grooves – Hauschka

An exploration into the world of the "Prepared Piano".

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SIGNL Unknown Mortal Orchestra uai

Roots to Grooves – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Join us as we discuss the career and creative approaches of this New Zealand psychedelic rock band.

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Roots to Grooves – DIIV


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SIGNL Fink uai

Roots to Grooves – Fink


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SIGNL ALLA scaled uai

Guest Playlist & Interview with ALLA

Guest Playlist + Interview

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SIGNL Pond Band uai

Roots to Grooves – Pond


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