October 19, 2021

Roots to Grooves – Hiatus Kaiyote

Welcome to our weekly podcast “Roots to Grooves”.
Each episode explores the music, life and careers of musical artists from their earliest beginnings through to their most recent releases.

This week musicians Jay Purcell and Jesse Quigley discuss the career and creative approaches of Australian jazz/funk/neo soul band “Hiatus Kaiyote“.

Hiatus Kaiyote” are an Australian jazz/funk/neo soul band based out of Melbourne.

The band is led by signer/guitarist Nai Palm (aka Naomi Saalfield). After going through the trauma of losing both her parents and being separated from her siblings in her early teenage years, Nai Palm decided to move to Melbourne by herself, without knowing anyone of having a place to live. It wasn’t long before she stumbled by a local park, where she witnessed and eventually learnt the art of fire dancing. During this time she also continued to write and perform solo material at local music venues. It was at one of her solo performances that the other members of “Hiatus Kaiyote” first met her. After a year of hanging out, the quartet officially formed a band and self-produced their debut full length album “Tawk Tomahawk” in 2012.

Their path since then has seen them tour the world, make new fans and connections within the industry, and put out further studio albums. In this episode Jay and Jesse discuss the bands history and spin some of their favorite tracks.

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