December 21, 2021

Roots to Grooves – Black Midi

Welcome to our weekly podcast “Roots to Grooves”.
Each episode explores the music, life and careers of musical artists from their earliest beginnings through to their most recent releases.

This week musicians Jay Purcell and Jesse Quigley discuss the career and creative approaches of English rock band “Black Midi“.

Black Midi” are a four piece rock band from London, often described as a mixture of noise rock, post-punk, jazz and progressive rock.

Black Midi’s members all met while studying music at the BRIT school, an infamous school in the world of UK music whose former pupils include King Krule, Amy Winehouse and Adelle. They would spend their time outside of studying to get together and jam in the school rehearsal rooms, a process which eventually led them to perform live at Brixton’s “Windmill” live music venue. It was at this venue that music producer Dan Carey saw them play and offered his services to record and produce some of their material, an opportunity that would see them record in a studio for the very first time.

Fast forward to late 2021 and “Black Midi” have released two full length albums as well as a selection of EP’s and live recordings.

These guys are young, incredibly talented and produce some very intense and intricate music. On this episode of Roots to Grooves Jay and Jesse dive deeper and play some of their favorite tracks.

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