July 27, 2021

Roots to Grooves – The Cinematic Orchestra

Welcome to our weekly podcast “Roots to Grooves”.
Each episode explores the music, life and careers of musical artists from their earliest beginnings through to their most recent releases.

This week musicians Jay Purcell and Jesse Quigley discuss the career and creative approaches of British nu jazz and downtempo group “The Cinematic Orchestra“.

The Cinematic Orchestra” are nu jazz/downtempo group based out of London, formed in 1999 by producer and band-leader Jason Swinscoe. As their name would suggest, the group’s sound is a combination of emotive cinematic strings mixed with samples, live jazz breaks and other live instrumentation. Their releases contain a lot of instrumentals, but they have also been joined on tracks by some amazing vocalists, including legendary jazz artist Fontella Bass, and British rapper Roots Manuva. Join us as we delve further into the music and the beginnings of “The Cinematic Orchestra“.

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