January 25, 2022

Roots to Grooves – Beach House

Welcome to our weekly podcast “Roots to Grooves”.
Each episode explores the music, life and careers of musical artists from their earliest beginnings through to their most recent releases.

On this episode Jay and Jesse discuss the career and creative approaches of “Beach House“.

Beach House” are a dream-pop duo formed in 2004 by singer/keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist/keyboardist Alex Scally.

The duo came together over a mutual interest in similar musical tastes, with influences ranging from Neil Young to Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. At the time Victoria was already in a band and recruited Alex to play bass, but the project became frustrating for Victoria since it wasn’t going anywhere. It wasn’t long before Alex suggested that the pair split from the band and do their own thing. They started writing songs and despite not specifically trying to achieve a “dream-pop” sound, it was a genre that could easily be labelled on the music they were writing together. Their first self-titled 2006 release was the result of just 2 days of recording on a 4 track recorder in Alex’s basement studio.

Since those early days the duo have gone on to put out 7 studio albums and tour the world.

Join Jay and Jesse as they explore the sonic world of “Beach House“.

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