November 30, 2021

Roots to Grooves – Tiana Khasi

Welcome to our weekly podcast “Roots to Grooves”.
Each episode explores the music, life and careers of musical artists from their earliest beginnings through to their most recent releases.

This week musicians Jay Purcell and Jesse Quigley discuss the career and creative approaches of Melbourne based R&B singer/songwriter “Tiana Khasi“.

Tiana Khasi” is a rising new talent on the neo/soul R&B scene. Born in Brisbane before re-locating to Melbourne Australia, Tiana’s music can be described as soulful, R&B, Jazz encompassed in an other-worldly sonic landscape that explores her mixed heritage of India and Samoa.

To date she has only released one EP, but it’s a powerful collection of songs from a new artist that we really wanted to share with our listeners.

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