Welcome to the first edition of our weekly Artist Spotlight series, where we delve a little deeper into the artists spinning on SIGNL.

This week I want to introduce you to Brisbane based songwriter and vocalist Tiana Khasi. Let’s kick things off with one of my top picks from her debut EP “Meghalaya”…

What’s The Sound?

This is Jazz / Soul / R&B.

A Brief Bio

Although based in Brisbane Australia, Tiana’s heritage hails from Meghalaya, a hilly norteastern state in India, and a name which means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit. Her last name, “Khasi”, is the name of the indigenous tribe which makes up the majority of the population in the area. The Khasi tribe are a fascinating people to learn about, with their own language and mythology. I would recommend reading their Wikipedia entry 😉

Tiana’s mixed background is undoubtedly explored through the music, with a creative process which involves imagining the environments her family came from, and understanding her identity along the way.

She is a trained Jazz vocalist and has a number of collaborations under her belt in Australia, having been a member of the 7 piece jazz/hip-hop band The Astro Travelers as well as lending her vocals to tracks by The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel and Sampology, who also produced her debut EP.

Tiana is signed to Australian label, Soul Has No Tempo.

Our Top Tracks

In addition to my first select above, here are the other tracks that really stood out to me, and which we currently have on rotation at SIGNL…

What’s Next?

It seems to be pretty early days for Tiana, with her debut EP only having been released in 2019. I expect we are going to be hearing a lot more from her in the coming years, and hopefully some tour dates too! In the meantime you can follow her at the links below…

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