Our top picks from the SIGNL archives.

SIGNL Yaeji uai

Roots to Grooves – Yaeji

From a stint at a college radio station to her own DJ gigs and eventually to producing a unique flavor of electronic music. This is Yaeji.


SIGNL Muzi uai

An Interview with Muzi

South African artist "Muzi" joins us live from Johannesburg to discuss his music.


SIGNL Mo uai

Roots to Grooves – MØ

From cutting her teeth in the mid-2000's Punk scene of Copenhagen, to being the artist with the most streamed song of all time on Spotify.


SIGNL MisterWives uai

Roots to Grooves – MisterWives

MisterWives explore their own brand of indie pop, and survive a romantic breakup


SIGNL Wu Lu uai

Roots to Grooves – Wu-Lu

South London's Wu-Lu defies genre categorization with his multi-instrumental approach.


SIGNL Masego uai

Roots to Grooves – Masego

Originally born in Jamaica, this rising R&B solo artist grew up in Virginia, USA, surrounded by gospel music and old soul records.


SIGNL Cleo Sol uai

Roots to Grooves – Cleo Sol

After dropping a major label deal and an entire album, Cleo Sol took a 5+ year hiatus from the music industry. When she came back, it was authentic and on her own terms.


SIGNL Steve Lacy By Julian Klincewicz uai

Roots to Grooves – Steve Lacy

With limited means as a teenager growing up in Compton, Steve Lacy took to using his iPhone to write, record and release his solo material as well as productions for other Grammy winning artists.


SIGNL Joy Crookes uai

Roots to Grooves – Joy Crookes

At only 24 years old, this British alternative R&B artist has already achieved what many dream of.


SIGNL Post Animal uai

Roots to Grooves – Post Animal

We dive into the sounds of this Australian electronic duo and find out why one of their catchiest tracks became a huge meme.