October 7, 2020

The Drop – Episode 5

Hello hello. Where have we been? Frankly, smoked out of the office and studio due to the Washington wild fires. But out of the clouds we emerge. Jay is back with a new edition of The Drop tonight, featuring 1hr+ of brand new tracks from artists across the globe.

One artist heavily featured this week is ((( O ))), and yes don’t try to pronounce that. By her own admission, it is unpronounceable. But let’s the cat out of the bag a little. Her real name is June Marieezy. A multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter with Filipino heritage hailing from Dallas, Texas. But her sound and visuals are completely otherworldly. Under the new name of ((( O ))) she plans to release a new album (which she calls “moondrops”), once every year on the 27th August, until 2032.

On The Drop tonight you’ll hear a few selections from album ((( 2 ))).

Also in the mix tonight, some deep new world/funk cuts and other soul vibes.



This episode will stream live on Periscope, MixCloud Live and Twitch on October 7th at 7pm PST.