April 26, 2021

The Drop – Episode 21

Welcome to Episode 21 of The Drop, with Jay Purcell. Featuring a curated selection of brand new releases that have hit streaming platforms in April 2021.

Since last week’s mix came out predominantly jazzy, funky and instrumental, I made a point this week to pick out a few more hard hitting tracks from the sphere’s of R&B and Hip Hop. And, whew… what a selection I have for you this week! At the top of the show I start out with a very short track, “Porshas Song“, from Henri B. Styles new album “Phases“. The lyrics on this are pretty much poetry, and cut straight to your core. Also of note are new tracks from Clutch Royal, Wildcookie, L.A. VanGogh and Hector Plimmer. I also found time to sneak in some of that organic funk from Otis McDonald, who I featured a lot in last week’s episode. As usual… enjoy!

Best, – Jay