April 19, 2021

The Drop – Episode 20

Welcome to Episode 20 of The Drop, with Jay Purcell. Featuring a curated selection of brand new releases that have hit streaming platforms in April 2021.

I like round numbers. and milestones are often worth celebrating. Well this week’s episode of The Drop marks my 20th of all time, and the 10th episode for 2021. That’s what skipping a week here or there gets you, lol.

Those stats aside, I’ve been getting into a lot of funky, indie jazz type stuff via my digging for this week’s mix. Some highlights for me are “The Algorithm Smiles Upon You” from Move 78 and Aver. The new album from JAEL, “Half As Much” featuring a number of fantastic collab’s including, friend of SIGNL, Rae Khalil. And you really have to follow this link to check out “NOW” from Damon Locks and the Black Monument Ensemble. This album has blown me away with it’s complex layering of percussion, vocals and obscure samples. Selects are in the mix! Enjoy!

Best, – Jay