May 13, 2020

DJ Mix: The Color Of No. 2

Welcome to “The Color of No. 2”.
A special mix put together for SIGNL by Los Angeles based artist Kyle Nelson (aka “Untitled, 1995”).

Traversing Hip Hop, Electronica and old-school Soul, Kyle describes this mix as:

Defining duality with juxtaposing sounds. Not from the outside looking in nor the inside looking out but in the middle of it all looking around.

This episode features artists including Toro y Moi, KAYTRANADA, D’Angelo and Tame Impala.

For more information, follow Kyle on Instagram @adarkskinnedghost, and on SoundCloud and Spotify as “Untitled, 1995”.



This episode will stream on MixCloud Live on Wednesday May 13th, 2020, @ 7pm PST. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated on repeat broadcasts.