Roots to Grooves

SIGNL Little Dragon uai

Roots to Grooves – Little Dragon

A Swedish quartet tantalizing a vast audience with downtempo electronic pop.


SIGNL Car Seat Headrest uai

Roots to Grooves – Car Seat Headrest

From a prolific back-catalogue of rough around the edges Band Camp releases, to polished new albums with "structurally ambitious" song arrangements.


SIGNL Saba uai

Roots to Grooves – Saba

Emotion, vibe and authenticity is at the heart of everything this Chicago born rapper and record producer is all about.


SIGNL Amon Tobin scaled uai

Roots to Grooves – Amon Tobin

More than just an electronic music producer, Amon Tobin sees himself as someone who is obsessed with exploring sound. Wherever that takes him.


SIGNL Mini Mansions uai

Roots to Grooves – Mini Mansions

A mini supergroup, featuring members of Queens of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys.


SIGNL Sampha uai

Roots to Grooves – Sampha

Sampha is a singer-songwriter, producer, and musician from Morden, South London, and is one of the UK’s most enigmatic young artists in 2022.


SIGNL Polo and Pan uai

Roots to Grooves – Polo & Pan

This French electronic duo are focused on upbeat, immersive and engaging electronica. Often playful, inspiring, and positive, Polo & Pan are influenced by sounds and tradition from around the world.


SIGNL Viagra Boys uai

Roots to Grooves – Viagra Boys

Intrigued by drugs, emotions, and male-privilege, Viagra Boys articulate their attitude in a punishing approach to music.


SIGNL Moses Gunn Collective uai

Roots to Grooves – Moses Gunn Collective

An eclectic mix of musicians, MGC mix up dreamy pop flavors with soulful crooning and howling riffs, creating music that feels simultaneously classic and fresh.


SIGNL The Holydrug Couple scaled uai

Roots to Grooves – The Holydrug Couple

The Holydrug Couple are a psychedelic rock duo from Santiago, Chile, comprised of friends Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra. Join us as we explore the sounds from this underground, experimental outfit.