July 17, 2020

Album of The Week: Honey For Wounds

As I sit here and write this, it is Friday July 17th 2020.

We have been living through some pretty turbulent times of late. If launching SIGNL during a global pandemic quarantine wasn’t enough, the BLM protests and the issues that came with it certainly put an emotional strain on me. I just had to take a break and tune out of social media for a bit.

However, music does heal. And recently I have been getting back into both performing, and listening to all the wonderful new releases that have been coming out.

One album that recently piqued my interest is now my album of the week… “Honey For Wounds”, from South London singer/songwriter Ego Ella May.

I guess you could call this UK contemporary soul/jazz.

Musically I feel there is a lot going on here, but in a very good way. A lot of interesting rhythm patterns, and I think I’m even hearing a bit of drum and bass squeezed into the live drums towards the end of “Table For One”!

I don’t do music reviews, so without further ado… here is the full album, as well as a few links for you explore.

My top tracks are… “Table For One”, “In The Morning”, “Tonight I’m Drowning” and “Give A Little”.



Check out more video’s on Ego’s YouTube Channel.