November 28, 2020

Trauma by Fhin

Fhin is a Paris based multi-instrumentalist and producer whose debut album is the genre bending “Trauma”.

Haunting, cinematic, glitchy, soul is what comes to mind when trying to describe Fhin’s sound, and you can feel shades of his influences throughout the tracks, such as Radiohead and Pink Floyd in particular. But “Trauma” definitely stands apart as it’s own unique piece of work.

The opening track “Miles” will draw you in, without really giving any clues of what to expect next. What does follow though is a welcome surprise. A mix of live and electronic drums, piano, synths and sporadic vocals all come together to create a dreamy, etherial sound. In fact Fhin does say that he creates music “based on lucid dreams and memories“.

Check out the full album below, which we highly recommend spinning from beginning to end.


Watch The Music Video for "Trauma"

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