January 2, 2023

Seattle R&B Artist LIVt Directs New Short Film “Street Lights”

“Street Lights” is a new dramatic short film written, directed and edited by Seattle based R&B singer-songwriter LIVt.

The plot revolves around a teenager called Cedric and his best friend Boots, who embark on a seemingly impromptu journey to their favorite hometown spots after recently graduating high school.

Shot on location in Lakewood, Washington during the summer of 2022, the film evokes a nostalgic tone while questioning the future. In fact, the film sets this up for us by providing a quote from writer James Baldwin…

“No one can possibly know

what is about to happen.

It is happening.

Each time, for the first time.

For the only time.”

And thus, during the film we are left wondering will this be the last time these friends can spend quality time together, before their lives likely go in separate directions? And will they even make it out to pursue their futures?

Without giving away too much, there is also a very brief introduction of another much younger character, who seems to be running from something early on in the film. Could this be real, or perhaps a much younger version of the lead character Cedric, whose life ends up in a possibly more tragic ending?

Cedric is played solidly with boyish, optimistic, enthusiasm by Tré Scott, an actor originally from Oakland, California who has called Seattle home for over 4 years now. He is supported by Shelby Poole, an R&B artist who has collaborated with the likes of Dave B.

Director LIVt is also a video director for popular/viral YouTube channel Cut, and has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2017. It makes sense that the film features some fine new music from her, as well as a number of other local artists, primarily from local label/management outfit Day One Entertainment, which LIVt is also signed to. (Check out the full track listing below).

LIVt has also previously appeared on SIGNL, as part of the Free Smoke Podcast.

“Street Lights” can be watched in it’s entirety on LIVt’s YouTube channel and is also embedded below.

Watch "Street Lights" directed by LIVt

Listen to the "Street Lights" Soundtrack

• “Overdue” by LIVt and Esepax
• “Pink and Orange” by LIVt and Dave Shanaé
• “Carousel” by Jaywop
• “The Sun” by Blake Anthony, Grady and Kiddus

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