Spotify have announced a new feature that will enable any artist on the platform to raise money for themselves, their crew, or a designated charity.

The new feature is being called “Artist Fundraising Pick” and can be activated on any artist profile from within the “Spotify for Artists” admin. Just like an artist can feature any track as an “Artist’s Pick”, they can now highlight a fundraising destination in addition.

Spotify have acknowledged over recent weeks the impact and toll the Coronavirus has taken on the career of musicians. As the ability to perform shows, and generate income outside of streams and sales, has all but dried up for the foreseeable future.

In addition to this new fundraising feature, Spotify have also made contributions to MusciCares, The CDC, WHO, and established a $10M matching fund through the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project, which aims to raise funds for a number of global music related charities.

With “Artist Fundraising Pick”, artists can have the funds flow into their CashApp, PayPal or GoFundMe accounts. The partnership with CashApp should be especially appealing to artists, as they have established a $1M matching fund. The way it works is this… if someone makes a contribution to the artist (of any amount) CashApp will automatically deposit $100 into the artists CashApp account. They will be doing this until they have paid out a collective total of $1M. So artists need to jump on this new feature ASAP to get on that benefit. Only artists in the US or UK can receive the CashApp matching funds, but listeners from all over the world are able to donate funds to the artist.

As an alternative to raising funds for themselves, artists can instead designate an existing charity to receive the money. At the moment artists can only select from a list of verified organizations.

While this is a great step in support of artists during these times, there is no indication yet from Spotify on how long this feature will continue to exist on the platform. Perhaps only during this time of social distancing, or perhaps it will morph into a permanent feature, along the lines of a Patreon model? Spotify have noted that they have never built a fundraising tool such as this before, so it is new territory, and something they are still improving. If you like this feature, it may be worth jumping into their idea submissions community and make sure your voice is heard.

For full details on this new feature, check out Spotify’s Blog Post.

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